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What is Permanent Makeup

permanent makeup premier.jpg


Permanent Makeup is the Art of applying colored pigment in the top layers of the skin to resemble facial features, or makeup.. Most procedures will last 3-5 years on average. 



Permanent makeup is art, and, like art, you certainly want to select your color scheme with care. You have many, many choices regarding color with a Premier artist.


Not only do we carry over sixty colors, but our artists are skilled color mixologists. If there is a color you have in mind, and we don’t have it, we can make it.

Eyebrow color is usually a choice between your natural hair color and the color you dye it, if you do. We carry most natural hair colors in both our permanent makeup pigments and microblading creams. Even the brightest of redheads and lightest of blondes will find a color in our repertoire.

If you are upgrading from a shadow brow or coming in to camouflage an old brow, we can mix together a near perfect match to your skin tone. It doesn’t matter if you have grey undertones, or you’re a mixture of golden greens, we can create a unique skin color pigment for you.

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