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Permanent Brows can be applied with two different techniques, and can even be combined with microblading to create different looks..

The Two main styles are:


Shadow Brow: Tiny dots of pigment are used to fill in the entire area under the existing brow hair. Either a soft transparent pigment that resembles a powder look, or a more solid pigment that will resembles a penciled in look will be used, depending on the desired result.

Hair Stroke Brows: Tiny dots of pigment are placed in the skin to resemble fine lines that look like hair. This lends a more natural hair like look.


Scar Revision


  This procedure brings shape, color and dimension back to the brows by creating a soft, complete powdered look ( Aka. powder brow, or shadow brow) under the hair, or to replace missing or patchy brows with hair simulation ( aka Hairstrokes, or Feathering). Both can be  done in a very natural, or dramatic look, depending on your taste..

Brows will appear several shades darker and more defined for 4-6 days before softening.


Permanent Brows last 3-5 years on average depending on the tye of skin, the products used a thome, and the color choice.

These can also be combined to create other styles like the Ombre brow or a combination brow, where the brow is darker or more solid in the tail, and lighter shadow or hairstrokes only in the fronts by the nose..

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